Rawlings 5150 Review (Sporting Goods Senior/Youth Velo Alloy)


rawlings-5150-reviewThe bat wars that rage on these days have a gotten a little carried away, to say the least. It is not uncommon these days to see a little league ballplayer with $500 – $1000 dollars’ worth of bats in their equipment bag. That is a little crazy when you consider the talent level of younger players; not to mention the fact that not every player has that type of budget to invest in baseball equipment. That is why it’s refreshing to see a company like Rawlings come along and make an affordable line of baseball bats.

In this Rawlings 5150 review, you will find all the things which you need to know about the series. Rawlings has long been a leader when it comes to manufacturing high-quality baseball equipment at an affordable price. This line of 5150 bats from them is no exception. The design is exceptional for a bat in this price range. They put a lot of effort into everything they do and this product really shows it. Even those on a budget can own a bat that still gives them some competitive advantages.


So what exactly is Rawlings 5150 technology and how does it help to make a bat better? The answer to that is this line of bats does some subtle things with this technology that give a big advantage to those that use them. These bats will give both young players and veterans that use them a lot of confidence that they can make contact with pitches on a consistent basis.

This bat has a lot of pop. Even though it is made using one piece, all metal alloy construction; the minimal flex this bat has will let you get your full inertia behind as it’s struck. There is no problem hitting baseballs deep and hard with this bat on a consistent basis. A slight end-load on this bat will give the user some extra pop when the ball is struck too.

The metal alloy used in its construction is surprisingly lightweight also. This bat is much lighter than many other one-piece metal alloy bats; Rawlings has done a good job here. It’s worth mentioning also that even though it’s slightly end-loaded it does not throw off the balance of the bat much. You can hit for power as well as average with the bats made with Rawlings 5150 technology.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable grip on a baseball bat than the ones that Rawlings makes with their 5150 technology too. It is made using simulated leather so you can hold the bat comfortably and securely in all different types of weather conditions.


  • A very reasonably priced bat for what goes into its design
  • Made with a durable one-piece metal alloy construction
  • Synthetic leather bat grip that is textured for comfort
  • Ever so slightly end-loaded
  • Stiff contact when hitting a ball tends to drive it deep


  • Single piece construction adds some weight
  • Maybe a little harder for some smaller players to swing
  • Not completely balanced
  • There are higher quality bats available if you spend a little more money


Rawlings makes 5150 bats for a wide variety of age ranges and player skill abilities. Everyone from youth players to college to senior players can find a Rawlings bat made with 5150 technology that is suitable for them. Here are a few of the many 5150 models and what each is known for:

  • Rawlings 5150 Youth 2 ¼ Inch Barrel Bat

    New -Rawlings 5150 Youth 2 ¼ Inch Barrel BatHere is an affordable youth bat that is easy to swing and has a little pop to it. It tends to transfer energy to the sweet spot of the bat when you make contact with a baseball when swinging. These bats meet the standard 1.15 BPF factor for youth baseball leagues.

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  • Rawlings 5150 Exogrid Little League Bat

    This bat has many of the same characteristics of the bat mentioned above but with one big difference. It features precision cutouts in the handle that have carbon fiber inserts. This gives the bat a lighter feel and more flex when hitting a baseball.

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  • Rawlings 5150 VELO BBCOR BAT

    New -Rawlings 5150 VELO BBCOR BATHere is a bat that is approved for use at the high school and college level of baseball. It has a good feel to it when swinging and also features a longer barrel to increase the size of the sweet spot on these bats.

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This is definitively not top of the line bat technology by any means. If you consider also that not everyone can afford that type of sophisticated bat technology than this line of bats from Rawlings offer a nice alternative. The 5150 series of bats they make are fairly balanced, comfortable to swing and have a little pop to them so you can drive a ball deep on occasion.

These one-piece metal alloy bats will also last forever if you take care of them and that will save you, even more, money. So in the right circumstances, a bat that features Rawlings 5150 technology is never a bad choice.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Rawlings 5150 reviews!