How to Throw a Curveball in Softball?

how-to-throw-a-curveballSoftball takes a lot more skill than most people give it credit for. Many people have the misconception that just because a softball is bigger than a baseball that makes it much easier to hit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even slow-pitched softballs can be hard to hit if the pitcher knows what they are doing. Not to mention, a pitcher’s mound in fastpitch softball is 15 feet closer to the batter that is a regular baseball mound. If a softball pitcher knows how to throw a curveball then that could be real trouble for any batter.

How do you throw a curveball in fastpitch or slow-pitch softball? It takes a little time to learn and a lot of practice to master it but it can be done. If you are a softball pitcher and want to learn how to throw a curve then there are certain techniques that you need to know. That is why we have written this article. If you are a softball pitcher, with the advice here and lots of practice you will be throwing curveballs in no time at all.


As with any task that is worth learning, there are a few basic things that are needed to get started. As far as throwing a curveball in softball the first things you will need to learn are ball grip and hand positioning during the pitch.

  • Ball Grip

    In order to make a softball do things such as curve, you will have to know how to hold it in your hand before you pitch. The key to this part of throwing a curveball has everything to do with how you place your fingers on the seams. We will go over how to do that in both slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball in just a moment.

  • Hand Positioning

    Once you have the softball in a proper grip the next thing you will have to do in order to throw a curveball is to move your hand properly as you pitch. Turning your hand in a certain direction will start the softball spinning and that is a key part of throwing a curveball in the game of softball.


To tell you the truth it is a little harder to throw a curveball in slow-pitch softball than it is in fastpitch softball. The reason for that is it’s harder to get a tremendous amount of spin on the softball to make it curve with the slower arm speed that is involved when pitching the softball.

As we mentioned before the first key to throwing a curveball in slow-pitch softball is how you grip the ball. You grip the softball to throw a curveball in slow-pitch by placing your middle and index fingers on the same seam of the softball and point them in the direction the seam is going. It works best if you hold the seam where the dual seams on a softball are at its closest point. Put your thumb and other fingers on the sides of the ball to hold it.

Try to set your grip while the softball is inside your glove so the opponent does not see which pitch you are about to throw. Once you have your proper grip turn the softball so your fingers on the seam are underneath the softball. Go through your regular pitching motion and just as you are releasing the ball, spin your hand quickly in a counterclockwise direction (clockwise if you are throwing left-handed). This should make the ball curve nicely as it approaches the batter.


If you are a fastpitch softball pitcher you can throw a curveball too. The hand positioning is exactly the same as that of a slow-pitch softball pitcher. Place your middle and index finger on one seam facing the same way the seam is going. Again put your thumb and other fingers on the sides of the ball to hold it.

The only difference between throwing a curveball in fastpitch softball and in slow-pitch softball is that in fastpitch you place your hand with the ball in the glove with your fingers facing toward you with your palm facing up. This is to compensate for the windmill motion you use when pitching in fastpitch softball.

Once again you will spin the ball vigorously as it leaves your hand in a counterclockwise direction (again, this is done clockwise if you are a lefty).

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Practice throwing this pitch as often as you can. Most pitchers in softball that can throw a curveball do very well. It is a great strikeout pitch, to say the least. Once you have mastered how to throw a curveball in softball you will become a much more effective pitcher and have an easier time getting batters out.