Easton Mako Review – (The Fastest with the Most Barrel)


Easton-Mako-ReviewFor your youth baseball player, it can be difficult for them to know what the right baseball equipment is for them. That means they will depend on you a lot to guide them in the baseball equipment decision-making process. What does that mean for you? It means you can help them excel in the game by being knowledgeable of the various baseball products you buy for them or guide them into buying. Perhaps the most important baseball equipment decision is which bat to use. In the Easton Mako reviews, we will discuss ‘Mako’ bat technology and why it may or may not be the right choice for your youth baseball player.


Easton has done a really nice job designing this youth baseball bat. We cannot see many scenarios where it will not help any youth player when they are trying to hit a baseball. It is really that nice of a youth baseball bat design.

The design of this bat is very advanced, to say the least. It is made in a way that will get the youth player to use proper batting skills that they may have not even developed yet on their own. An example of this is the advanced grip design in the Mako ‘Torq’ that helps a player adjust their grip while in the course of swinging; this is something that most successful baseball hitters do well.

These bats even though lightweight still pack a punch too. That has to do with their very good composite bat makeup. This composite design helps keep the extra weight off the bat while still being able to give the bat a nice sweet spot. A youth player can take the ball deep with this model bat for sure. This two-piece composite construction not only lets a youth player hit the ball hard but it will also lessen the sting on a player’s hands when the ball makes contact with a bat in other than the sweet spot (what Easton calls CXN technology).


  • It uses advanced technology in its construction
  • Some models have a high-performance grip design that enables a player to better turn their hands as they make contact with a baseball
  • The grip has a soft and comfortable feel to it
  • Vibration is minimized so hand stinging on mishit baseballs is almost non-existent
  • This bat is simply incredibly lightweight
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certified
  • 2 1/4″ barrel
  • It has a very generous 1-year warranty


  • The price will not fit in everyone’s budget
  • The technology is so advanced it makes it harder to judge what a player’s true ability level is and what they need to work on


  • Easton MAKO Composite Youth Baseball Bat

    This bat uses much of the same technology as the other Easton Mako models. The biggest differences are in the weight of the bat and the grip.

    It does not have the advanced handle design that the Easton MAKO TORQ does. It is slightly lighter than the Torq and that means you can generate a faster bat speed with it.

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  • Easton MAKO XL COMPOSITE Youth Baseball Bat

    The XL Composite is virtually identical to the regular Mako Composite except for one big factor and that is the power you get when using this bat.

    The XL designator on the Mako line of bats simply is another way of saying it’s end-loaded. That means a youth player that uses this bat will sacrifice some bat balance in return for being able to drive the baseball deeper when hitting.

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  • Easton MAKO TORQ Youth Baseball Bat

    This is the bat with the incredible grip technology that we mentioned above. The grip actually slightly rotates as you swing to keep your hands in an ideal hitting position. It is also slightly heavier than the other two Easton Mako youth bat models.

    It is a fine bat that has virtually taken over little leagues across America and other countries. It was the most popular bat in the 2016 Little League World Series.

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No matter which model Easton Mako youth baseball bat you choose, you can rest assured that you have just purchased one of the highest quality bats that are made.


Easton Mako bats may actually be too good of a design as mentioned. It helps a batter do so many things well that they may not be able to do on their own with a lesser bat. That can be both a good and bad thing. One thing is for certain and that is youth players perform very well with this bat. It’s the very reason it is one of the top selling bats in youth baseball and you can expect the technology that goes into it to be around for a while because it’s that good.

We hope you enjoyed the top-rated Easton Mako bat reviews!