Demarini Vexxum Reviews – Half + Half Construction Creates Optimum Weight


The pace that baseball bat technology is advancing these days is very incredible, to say the least. Every year it seems that there are one or two bats that jump out ahead of the competition and capture an amazing amount of sales during the season. The reason for that is because bat companies like DeMarini are always working on improving their current bats so they can be morphed into a baseball bat that is even better for the next season. That is exactly what has been happening with DeMarini’s outstanding ‘Vexxum’ line of baseball bats.

This is a bat line that continues to grow in technological input and in turn sales numbers each year. It is a bat that has not only gotten more popular each year but one that has managed to improve on already good technology each year too. The Vexxum model bat combines many qualities that all types of hitters really like. In the Demarini Vexxum reviews, we will take a closer look at this bat so you can see why it is so popular and how maybe it can help you or your child take their hitting to another level.


We mentioned that there was a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the Vexxum bat line. Subtle things really make a big difference in the performance characteristics you get with this line of bats.

This bat has excellent barrel technology. It is so advanced that there is a very little break in time for this bat. In its composite design, it also features an aluminum alloy handle that keeps the bat light while making it a little stiffer than most composite bats. This means that this bat is one that will not only help a hitter generate good bat speed, but they can also hit with a little bit of power too.

The composite handle is also comfortable and provides you with some nice grip too. At the end of the bat, it also has some end cap technology that helps further balance this bat out. The entire construction of the DeMarini Vexxum also helps to keep the bat vibration to a minimum to avoid hand stinging as much as possible when mishitting a baseball.

What is one of the absolute best things about the Vexxum line of baseball bats? It’s the fact that these bats are very affordable for most people. It is something you don’t see often in a baseball bat with this much-advanced technology built into it. It is one of the most affordable baseball bats that use a two-piece composite construction in its design.

Add to all this that it comes in a variety of excellent color designs and you have one nice baseball bat here.


  • These bats have a very reasonable price point
  • It uses advanced technology in its construction
  • Lighter weight leads to excellent swing speeds
  • Two-piece hybrid composite construction minimizes vibration
  • Aluminum barrel adds stiffness to the bat
  • Advanced end cap design to further balance out this bat


  • For a little more money you can get an even more advanced baseball bat
  • Not recommended for cold weather use
  • You get more power from end-loaded bats, this one is not end-loaded


Here are a few of the DeMarini bat models that make excellent use of their Vexxum bat technology:

  • DeMarini Youth NVS Vexxum Baseball Bat

    This is the youth baseball bat model that many players rave about. It is really lightweight and fast through the strike zone. It is a balanced bat that has a little pop to it also.

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  • DeMarini WTDXVNB Vexxum Adult Baseball Bat

    This is the Vexxum adult version which is a very popular and affordable bat among senior baseball players. Its two-piece composite construction keeps it lightweight yet also provides some nice flex to this bat when making contact with a baseball.

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  • DeMarini Vexxum Big Barrel Junior Baseball Bat

    This bat is for those junior baseball players that like a little more pop when they make contact with a baseball. It has a nice 2 ¾ inch composite barrel design that can really help a youth player drive the ball deep.

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This bat is hard to beat because of several different reasons and when you factor in its affordable price point this bat looks even better. There is simply a lot to like about it. Everything from its two-piece composite construction to its lightweight design works really well. It is also a bat that is remarkably well balanced and easy to bring through the strike zone fast. Although it is not a power bat by any means if you connect solidly with a ball in its generous sweet spot it is going to have a chance to get out of the park.

Overall all this is a solid bat which should be able to help any player make good contact on a regular basis and hit for average.

We hope you enjoyed DEMARINI VEXXUM Reviews.