Demarini CF7 Reviews – (The Most Powerful, Lightest Swinging!)


Ray DeMarini first became known as a hitting guru after he was hired by ESPN to do a series of instructional videos for them. In 1989 he took that hitting knowledge and started up his own bat making company. That company’s ingenuity produced the first double-walled bat in 1993 that changed the bat making industry as we know it. Now the company has once again improved their CF7 bat technology and uses it in a wide variety of baseball bats.

This is bat technology that continues to improve each year as was seen in 2016. DeMarini is a company that rarely rests improving their products even if the design of those baseball bats is proven effective and selling well. They always try to stay on top of the competition. The popularity of the bats they sell suggests they are doing. As we take a closer look at the DeMarini CF7 bat technology you will see why this bat product is as popular among baseball players as it is. Let’s have a look at the Demarini CF7 reviews!


There are a lot of bats out there in the marketplace that claim to be lightweight but few can compare to a bat that uses DeMarini’s CF7 bat technology. Any size hitter can generate good bat speed when they use this premium baseball bat because it is so lightweight.

This bat uses a two-piece composite technology that not only keeps it light but also enhances it in other ways too. The composite design on the CF7 goes a long way toward minimizing vibration and the characteristic hand sting that goes along with that when a baseball it hit someplace other than the sweet spot of the bat.

There are other nice features about this DeMarini CF7 bat too. It has an ultra-comfortable grip and is a very balanced baseball bat. This only adds to its already superior swing speed. Most players should really be able to hit for average with the CF7 bat.

Rumor has it that this bat may be phased out in favor of DeMarini’s newer CF9 bat technology. That is not surprising considering that DeMarini has trended this way with its CF line of bats for many years now. With that being said, these bats are so popular they will still be in the marketplace for a while and there were a lot of them made. That is good because that typically will lower the price of bats too. That will make this superior technology affordable for some who did not have the budget to purchase these bats before.


  • Proven two-piece composite design
  • Built to be the lightest bat with the fastest swing speeds
  • It uses advanced technology throughout its construction
  • Very low vibration for a stiff feeling bat
  • Advanced knob design for an ergonomic fit in your hand
  • The CF7 line of bats are very well balanced when swinging them
  • Sophisticated end cap design only adds to the great balance this bat has


  • The price will be out of some people’s budget range
  • Not good for those that like an end loaded bat
  • For those who like consistent power, this should not be their bat of choice


Here are some of the types of bats that DeMarini has chosen to use its CF7 technology in:

  • DeMarini CF7 Youth Big Barrel

    This is a model bat that is made for youth players that are experienced. It is a good bat for players that are between 13 and 15 years old.

    This bat has a little more pop to it than the regular barrel on the CF7 models.

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  • DeMarini CF7 Insane Baseball Bat

    This is a CF7 Model that is designed for power hitters. It is the end-loaded version of this bat for youth players.

    It adds a little weight in doing so but this bat can really drive a baseball a long way.

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  • DeMarini CF7 Hope Fastpitch Baseball Bat

    Here is yet another version of CF7 bat technology that is used for making superior bats.

    It has the same characteristic light weight and balance as any of the CF7 youth baseball bats have.

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The DeMarini CF7 bat technology is really great and many would hate to see it phased out if that happens. It is an ideal bat for smaller players that need a little boost with their bat speed until their bodies grow a little bigger. It will also help balance out any players swing with the advanced end cap technology that is used in it. When you factor in how well-designed the grip and knob of this bat are and how comfortable makes it swing, then you are talking about a great bat when it comes to someone hitting for average and making consistent contact with a baseball.

We hope you enjoyed our DeMarini CF7 reviews!