Let’s get one thing clear. We live in the game. Most of us are lifelong fans and players. So, over the years, it’s only natural we would learn a thing or two. Don’t worry, we won’t keep all the secrets of the sport to ourselves.

Most of us discovered the game as kids. Maybe a parent taught us how to swing a bat. Or a grandparent took you on your first trip to the ballpark. It’s likely you bonded with a loved one over a game of catch. Maybe the sport is just how you and other kids killed time on long, summer afternoons.

Whatever the case, many of us found our love for the game early. Over the years we collected cards, attended games and maybe dreamed of playing in the majors.
It’s why the sport endures. And we mean not just baseball but its cousin softball, as well. After all, we’re fans. Not snobs.

We Know: There are Differences Between Softball and Baseball

Differences Between Softball and  BaseballThere’s a lot of similarities between the two sports. It’s why there’s such crossover appeal. Before we dig into that, let’s clarify some of the differences.

We know. The word ‘soft’ is a bit misleading. Anyone who’s ever been hit by one of these knows they don’t feel like pillows. Still, it is technically softer than a baseball. It’s one of the many differences between the two sports.

In addition, a softball is larger than its baseball counterpart. Which is why softball gear tends to be sized differently from the gear used in baseball. The gloves will be bigger and the bats a little thinner. But we’ll dig into these differences in a minute.

Batting Averages

Like we said, there are differences in the size of the bat. Baseball bats tend to be thinner than softball bats. This is related to the size of the ball being used.

We actually have a helpful guide on properly sizing your baseball bat. Since bats come in different lengths and weights, they aren’t one size fits all. And that’s a good thing. You want a bat that can set you up for success and that perfect swing.

Back to softball. Since a softball will require more surface area to be hit, the bat is naturally larger.

It’s one of the things which can make baseball more challenging to play. A hardball needs a hard-hitting bat to send it to the outfield. Don’t worry, we’ll break-down what the best-selling baseball bats are and how to find them.

Baseball Bats: How to Find the Right One

Best Baseball Bats

Look, we’ve spent countless hours searching for the best baseball bats. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of each, and have tried to give you the real low-down.

So, check out our baseball bats page, devoted to our rankings of the best baseball bats. You can find some reviews on our top-rated picks here.

Still, there’s a few we would like to point out…

From Classics to High Tech

Louisville Slugger is a tried and true classic. For over 100 years it has maintained its place as one of the best baseball bats in the game.

These wooden bats aren’t just for nostalgia sake and they really do perform. They come available in three wood types: Ash, Maple, and Birch. Each has its own properties. Just check out our detailed review to get the highs and lows of these classic bats.

Maybe you’re not a fan of the classics and want something more technical. Demarini has a very forward-thinking strategy when it comes to their product development. The Demarini CF7 bat is no exception. These are exceptionally light and may help you improve the speed of your swing.

Or check out Easton S3. Billed as a bat without a break-in period, this might be the one for you. It works especially well for batters in warmer clients. So, if you spend your summers on a diamond, this might be for you.

Options for baseball bats abound and our comprehensive reviews don’t stop with these three. As new technology is developed, we try to give you the inside info. We make updates regularly. So, check back often to keep up to date on our top-rated baseball bats.

Fast-Pitch, Slow-Pitch: Yes, There’s A Difference

Fast-Pitch, Slow-PitchIf you want a heated debate with softball fans, say there’s no difference between fast pitch and slow pitch.

As the names suggest the primary differences are in the type of pitch.

In fast-pitch, the ball is generally thrown in a wind-up, windmill motion. This allows for the gathering of speed when the ball is released. It also provides the opportunity to misdirect the batter’s focus.

So, in fast-pitch softball, more focus is placed on the pitcher’s role, making it a more offense centered game. Likewise, the reverse tends to be true for slow-pitch softball.

Here the ball is thrown in a slow arch. With fewer opportunities for misdirecting and strikeouts, the weight of the game falls more heavily on the batter’s shoulders.

Of course, there are other distinctions involving base stealing, batter line-ups, and innings. It’s this versatility that gives softball such broad appeal.

Naturally, there are differences in equipment used. Different bats will be appropriate between fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball. Which is why we’ve taken some time to review our picks for the best fast-pitch softball bats and the slow-pitch softball bats.

Softball & Baseball Gear: The Best of The Best

Now we’re getting into the nuts and bolts. The right gear can improve your game. Of course, there’s a lot of subtleties and things to consider. It’s these intricacies that not only up to your game but keep things interesting.

Cleats and Finding the Right Footwear

With all this talk of bats, it’s easy to forget footwear. However, given that running and sliding are so integral to the game, forgetting this gear would be a mistake. Which is why we have reviews and buyer’s guides to the best baseball cleats on the market.

Don’t worry. We detail the differences and why we selected these as the best baseball cleats. No matter your budget or requirements, you should be able to find something. Just don’t use them to pull a Tye Cobb when you’re stealing that base.

Batter Up with Batting Tees

Batting Tees

Batting tees aren’t just for t-ball. They can be great training tools for developing that hand/eye coordination so necessary to hit a ball with a bat. Some of them can be pretty high-tech too. Naturally, these will be your pricier options.

Still, we have plenty reviews on the best batting tees, whether you’re playing softball or baseball. These are especially great you’re coaching a little league team.

Keeping the Sun Out

Look, we play ball in all conditions. In a summer game, that sun can be bright, obscuring our vision. You don’t want to be late on that swing because the sun was in your eyes. The simplest solution is to get a pair of sunglasses.

However, those shades you bought at the gas station probably won’t do the trick. Remember, this is an active sport. You’re going to be running, sweating and sliding. You need a pair of sunglasses that won’t go flying off.

No worries, we got you covered with our guide to the best baseball sunglasses. So, keep your eye on the ball and the blazing sun out of sight.

What’s in a Jersey: Finding the Best Baseball Uniforms

Uniforms can be as important as any other baseball gear. There are different things to consider when you are selecting your uniforms. We’ll break it down for you, so you can feel confident in your baseball uniform picks.

One of the great things about jerseys is their versatility. There’s plenty of casual occasions where you can wear your jersey and look good doing so.

Although, appearances are important. It’s not just about how good you look in your jersey. Things like fit, durability, and more come into play. It’s why we’ve given such focus to our reviews and buyer’s guides for the best baseball uniforms.

We’ll also explain how to find the best legwear for the game. Remember sliding into those bases will take its toll. So you don’t want the pants you play in to be destroyed by a single tough game.

We All Wear Them: Finding the Best Baseball Caps

This headwear might have been invented for the game but they have taken over. They are worn by players and non-players alike all over the world. You probably own a few already and you might even have a baseball cap you feel is ‘lucky’.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone in this. Baseball caps are hugely popular and some are treated with a certain reverence. We know how essential they are, so, of course, we have reviews and guides to the best baseball caps out there.

Once you find your next best baseball cap, be sure to take care of it. We have a guide for that too.

Best Baseball Gloves: Impossible to Play Without Them

From entry-level to the limited edition, gloves are a part of the game. They provide protection and that extra bit of reach. There’s a lot of variables to consider and new ones will probably require some breaking-in.

In our reviews and guides, we go into price, materials, stitching and everything else you need to consider when buying the best baseball gloves for you.

Also, check out our guide for breaking-in your new baseball glove. It’ll help you speed up that wear-in period and get you game ready.

Batters Need Gloves Too: Best Batting Gloves

When we were starting out, many of us didn’t lend a second thought to this essential bit of gear. Especially, if you just played the occasional pick-up game at a local park.

Still, the right batting glove can make a huge impact. They can improve your grip, protect your hands and provide for ease of movement.

They come in a wide variety of materials and some are even washer and dryer safe. So, maintenance of them doesn’t necessarily need to be a time drain.

Don’t worry. We’ll help sort through the top-rated batting gloves.

Catcher’s Mitts: A League of Their Own

We don’t need to tell you there’s a difference between catcher’s mitts and baseball gloves. You’re fans of the game just like we are.

They’ve come along way since founding days of the game. Whether you are right-handed or a southpaw we have your guide to the best catcher’s mitts out there.

Youth Baseball Gloves: Not One Size Fits All

Youth Baseball Gloves

For obvious reasons, kids need their own class of gear. An adult glove just isn’t going to fit or protect their hand like a properly sized youth baseball glove will.

You might be mourning that you can’t just repurpose your own gloves when your kid joins little league. Still, they need to have the right gear to safely play. Still, there is a consolation in this.

Since less material is used you can sometimes get a price break on the best youth baseball gloves. Whether or not, money is no object for you, we’ll help you find something that works for the young baseball player in your life.
While you’re at it, take a look at the best youth baseball bats too, and help them get a great start in the game.

Not to Be Forgotten: Best Softball Gear

We’ve already gone into some of the differences between softball and baseball. Naturally, the gear requirements are different.

In case you missed it earlier, here are some guides to the slow-pitch baseball bats and best fast-pitch baseball bats.

That being said, softball has very broad appeal and is played by fans of all ages. So, of course, we have guides for the best softball bats for seniors and more. We can even show you how to throw a curveball in softball.

So, stick around softball fans. We’re here for you too.

Our Reviews

We know how valuable your hard earned money is to you. We also know how much you love the sport and don’t mind investing in quality gear. So, anytime we conduct a review, we try to keep these things in mind.

Bringing you comprehensive guides to the best baseball gear is something we’re committed to.

Our How To’s

Whether you’re into softball, baseball or both, there’s always something new to learn. We try to write easy to use, how to guides for just about anything related to the game. Whenever possible, we include videos to give you even better instruction.

We hope you enjoy these guides as much as we enjoyed making them.

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