Louisville Slugger Wood Baseball Bats


louisville-slugger-wood-batsThe name Louisville Slugger is almost synonymous with wooden baseball bats. For over 100 years they have been supplying pro players with high-quality wooden bats. Many people think that wooden bat technology is a thing of the past but that is hardly the case. Companies like Louisville Slugger continue to change and improve the way making wooden bats is done every year.

Believe it or not, despite their performance disadvantages, there are many reasons a player should consider using a wood bat over a composite or metal alloy bat. For one, many players say they can feel the ball better as it is struck by a wooden bat as opposed to the other two types. They feel this enables them to hit better to all fields.

Using a Louisville Slugger wood bat often times will help you improve your hitting mechanics too, which is important if you eventually want to play pro baseball. Metal alloy and composite construction bats use such advanced technology that your good hitting may be the result of the technological advantages these bats offer as opposed to your actual skill level. When you get to the pros you will lose this technological advantage, so you better have proper swing mechanics or you will have no future in the sport.

If you do have aspirations of playing pro baseball you should own a wooden bat anyway. You should at the very least acclimate yourself to using a wooden bat on a part-time basis so you can make the transition to pro baseball easier. Switching from aluminum and composite bats to wooden bats has been the death knell to many aspiring baseball players’ careers.


There are basically three types of wood that Louisville Slugger makes their bats out of. Here they are and what each one has to offer:

  • Ash

    This was the wood of choice when baseball bats first started being made. Professional players use this style of wood bat if they like a flexible type baseball bat. The natural whip this flexing produces can help drive a baseball a great distance.

  • Maple

    Some batters prefer the hardness that is inherent in wooden bats made out of maple. They do not flex nearly as much as baseball bats that are made out of ash. This stiffness can be an advantage for those players whose hitting styles do not benefit from the whipping motion that ash baseball bats have.

  • Birch

    Birch produces kind of a hybrid type baseball bat when it is used to make them. It possesses some of the stiffness that is found in maple bats but it also has a little whip action to it like is found in bats made of ash. It’s a nice middle of the road type wooden bat.


  • They give you a good feel for the baseball when hitting with them
  • You cannot mask your bad batting mechanics with a wooden bat
  • They have a crisp ‘crack’ sound when the ball is struck that baseball purists love
  • They are relatively inexpensive compared to metal alloy and composite bats
  • Wooden bats can be tailored to meet a person’s individual preferences in baseball bat design


  • They are harder to balance than are metal alloy or composite bats
  • They offer virtually no competitive advantage
  • Wooden bats have severe durability issues


  • Louisville Slugger C271 Hard Maple Baseball Bat

    louisville-slugger-2014-c271-hard-maple-baseball-batThese maple bats are some of the more durable wooden bats you will find. They tend not to splinter as easily as their counterparts made of ash. Players who use these bats also like the very stiff feel of them.

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  • Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed Baseball Bat

    louisville-slugger-genuine-series-3x-ash-mixed-baseball-batThis is a very popular model wooden bat that Louisville slugger makes. It has a very pronounced whip when using it that some baseball hitters really like. It is a little heavier than a wooden bat made of pure ash.

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  • Louisville Slugger Youth M9 Maple Baseball Bat

    louisville-slugger-youth-m9-maple-baseball-batThis bat has a surprising amount of pop to it considering it is made of wood. Youth players who use this bat will generally develop better batting mechanics because of wooden bats less forgiving technology.
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This article should have convinced you that wooden bats definitely still have a place in the baseball bat marketplace. Until major league baseball allows composite and metal alloy bats to be used, wooden bats are here to stay (baseball purists think to allow bats other than wooden ones would skew the record books and wipe out years of baseball history). That fact alone means that anyone that has ambitions of playing professional baseball should own and become familiar with using a wooden bat. With that being said, if you are looking to purchase a wooden bat there is no stronger name in the industry than Louisville Slugger wood bats.

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