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There are very few sports where the proper equipment does not give you an edge in performance. This is true when it comes to the sport of baseball too. Many people think that you can just pick up any old bat to use and play the game well. In truth, there are certain bats that can take your game to a whole new level. That is why we decided to do some baseball bat reviews and give you some other information that will help you find the best BBCOR rated bats for you to use when playing baseball at the high school or college level.

What is a BBCOR bat? It is a bat that has strict manufacturing standards applied to it when being made that deem it safe enough for both high school and college level baseball players to use.


After reviewing several different baseball bats found in the marketplace that meet the BBCOR requirements, these are the ones that we found to be of the highest quality and are most likely to give you a competitive edge when using them:

  1. DeMarini 2016 CF8 BBCOR Baseball Bat

DeMarini has been a top name in baseball and softball bat manufacturing for many years now. They have a reputation for manufacturing their bats to the strictest of standards so it gives those that use them a definitive competitive edge. It is no different with this excellent BBCOR approved model.

This is a solid bat made of popular 2-piece construction that features a popular barrel diameter of 2 5/8”. It’s composite construction barrel is designed to not only keep the bat light enough to swing fast but will also let you hit the ball a long way when you make contact.

  • What we Liked about it

The DeMarini CF8 for 2016 also features a bigger sweet spot than most bats in its class. That means that you don’t always have to make perfect contact to hit the ball hard a majority of the time.

It is a bat that is 100% legal to use both for high school and college level baseball play. This bat comes in several different colors such as white, gold or silver to suit your individual taste and comes complete with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Some potential drawbacks

Some users find that the handle on this bat is a little thin for their liking and it comes with grip taped as opposed to something more comfortable. It is also a higher priced baseball bat for sure.

  1. Easton SL17MK10 Mako Beast 2 5/8 10 Composite Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Easton is another very strong manufacturing name as far as baseball bats are concerned. They have made some of the most popular bats at all levels of baseball for many years now. Bats such as the Easton SL17MK10 only continue to add to their reputation as being an excellent baseball bat manufacturer that you can’t go wrong with when purchasing one of their fine baseball products.

The quality of this nice bat starts with its 2-piece all composite design which tends to promote both swinging faster and hitting the baseball harder when making contact with it. This is also further enhanced by the fact that bat is thin handled and comes complete with a “hyperskin” bat grip.

  • What we Liked about it

It has a very nice extended steel barrel design that leads to increased power when making contact. It also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for increased peace of mind.

  • Some potential drawbacks

This is yet another bat whose price tag will definitely not fit into everyone’s budget. The specially designed grip tape may make the handle too thick for some hitter’s liking.

  1. Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat

You will find very few bats that can be used in high school and college baseball that are a better deal than this fine product by Marucci. It is a BBCOR approved bat that can help elevate your game when making a plate appearance for sure.

This bat is not only available in 31” – 33” inch models but each size features an extended sweet spot for making good contact. It is a very moderately priced bat that also comes with a nice one year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • What we Liked about it

One of the best things about this bat from Marucci is it has a very professionally inspired shape to it; that makes it great for learning to hit at the next higher level in baseball too. It is also very easy on your hands when hitting the ball with its advanced anti-vibration design. It also does not have the distinct loud ring that most composite bats make when contacting a baseball.

  • Some potential drawbacks

The only drawback with this bat is that some bigger hitters may feel that it is a little too light for them. Most people will find it suitable in weight.

  1. DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT BBCOR Baseball Bat

This is yet another fine baseball bat manufactured by DeMarini. It is an extremely well-liked bat among high school and college level baseball players. It features the highly popular (-3) weight ratio that a majority of baseball players at these school levels prefer.

One of the unique features of the DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord is that it is flame tempered by design; this tends to give it the little stiffer feel that many baseball players desire when hitting. The specially designed end cap they have on it also makes this bat appear to have a larger sweet spot than many other BBCOR rated bats.

  • What we Liked about it

This bat has some nice pop as a result of the very slightly end loaded feel that it has to it. The grip on the bat is extremely comfortable too which goes a long way toward being comfortable and increasing your performance as you play.

  • Some potential drawbacks

There are some players who think this bat is too end loaded and it throws off their swing as a result of it. Some models of this bat can be a little to the expensive side also.

  1. Easton MAKO COMP 3

This bat will not only help you improve your hitting but it will also make you look good while doing it. That is because it has a very unique and stylish design to it. Nice job done here by Easton.

It tends to be a superior baseball bat because of the fact it is built using a thermos composite technology that will help increase most baseball players bat speed and also give them a larger and more forgiving sweet spot. It is another very good 2-piece construction bat from Easton

  • What we Liked about it

We really like the variety of weights and sizes that this bat comes in. Any player should be able to find a size and weight that ideally suits their individual batting preference. Most players consider this model baseball bat to be very “live” in nature. The one year warranty that comes with it is nice too.

  • Some potential drawbacks

Some models of this bat can be a little bit to the pricey side and they are also those baseball players that feel that Easton’s grips are a little too thick for their individual tastes.

  1. Easton 2015 BB15S1 S1 COMP -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Here is another great bat from Easton that is approved for use in high school and college level baseball. It is a high performance baseball bat that is moderately priced. It is designed to help a player increase both their bat control and bat speed. I really like the feel of this bat when I swing it.

This bat like many others is made by using a 2-piece composite design that greatly enhances any hitter’s sweet spot. That means that even if you don’t make perfect contact you can still hit the ball very hard. It also is made using Easton’s ultra-comfortable diamond patterned performance grip.

  • What we Liked about it

One of the best things we liked about this bat when testing it was that it did not have the top heavy feel that some more pronounced end loaded bats have; that was a big bonus as far as we are concerned. This bat just seems to have superior balance over other types of drop (-3) bats.

  • Some potential drawbacks

One thing we were not pleased about with this bat is the fact its handle gets thicker at the very bottom of the grip. If you are a player that likes a thin grip for both hands you may not like this bat.

  1. DeMarini 2015 NVS Vexxum BBCOR Baseball Bat

This is a solidly constructed baseball bat that is built to enhance any high school or college level baseball player’s batting performance. The key with this bat is that it is so light and so well balanced that it dramatically improves your swing speed. With today’s pitchers at the college and high school level increasing their pitching speeds every year it puts a premium on you being able to generate a faster bat speed.

DeMarini has designed a very nice 2-piece composite bat here. One piece of the composite design is targeted at increasing the bats sweet spot and the other piece is designed for more power when striking the ball.

  • What we Liked about it

One thing we liked about this bat is DeMarini designed it with a longer grip. That makes it great for those players that like to choke up on their bat when they get behind in the count. It is also a bat that has very little painful vibration even when you slightly mishit the baseball.

  • Some potential drawbacks

This bat is definitely not end loaded; so if you are looking to hit for power as opposed to batting average this might not be the best bat for you.

  1. Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha 516 (-3) Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger is a trusted name for sure when it comes to baseball bats and this fine product certainly does not hurt that reputation any. It is one of the few single piece construction bats that made our top reviews list but don’t let that fool you; this is definitely one well designed baseball bat that will up your game if you use it.

Any baseball player that uses this bat will definitely get an advantage as far as their all-important swing speed is concerned. It is a bat that has a big sweet spot that will drive the ball a long way after you hit it.

  • What we Liked about it

I really liked the advanced lizard skin type grips on this baseball bat. When you combine those with the light weight of the bat it really increases the control you have over the bat when you are batting.

  • Some potential drawbacks

One of the problems with one piece bats is that seem to vibrate more than bats that are made of two piece bat construction. This means that when you mishit one of these bats or hit a ball of the end it will tend to sting your hand a little.

  1. Rawlings BBR53-3 5150 Alloy Bbcor Approved High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat

Rawlings is another fine name when it comes to baseball products and they have done a nice job designing this bat. The price for this bat is really reasonable considering all the advanced design technology that went into making it.

It is a bat that is constructed using a single piece design and the baseball gets a lot of lively pop off it when using it to hit. The simulated leather grip design also helps you to hold the bat firmly when swinging for increased bat control and performance. The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to optimize the balance of this bat too.

  • What we Liked about it

This bat is very reasonably priced considering its potential to increase your hitting performance. We really liked the end cap that helps balance the bat and increase your swing speed too.

  • Some potential drawbacks

As a single piece bat it will tend to vibrate and sting your hand if you mishit the ball when making contact. It’s not a great indoor practice bat because of the loud ping sound you get when hitting a ball with it.

  1. Louisville Slugger 2016 Select 716 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

This is another metal alloy bat that will let you drive a baseball deep every time you use it. When you hit a baseball with it the ball is very responsive coming off this bat to say the least. It does all this without the familiar ‘ping’ sound that most metal alloy bats have.

It is also a pretty cool looking bat by design too that also comes with a very convenient 30 day money back performance promise guarantee.

  • What we Liked about it

This bat is designed with an energy transfer system that tends to make it sting significantly less when mishitting a baseball with at as opposed to other single piece metal alloy bats. I personally loved the stiffer feel of this bat and the way the ball seems to jump sharply off it when making contact with it.

  • Some potential drawbacks

One of the biggest drawbacks with any type of alloy bat is that they do not last as long as true composite bats do. They will tend to start getting a little curve to them with heavy use. This means it’s not a bat that you want to share with your teammates or you will have to replace it a lot sooner than expected.


Baseball may not be as physical as some other sports but it still takes a massive amount of hand eye coordination and skill to play it well. It also requires good equipment and perhaps the most important piece of equipment for the sport is the bat you will use to hit the ball. Buying a baseball bat is a process that you definitely want to get done right so it will enhance your chances of playing the game at a higher level than other competitors. That is why we have taken the time to include some important things to consider when buying a baseball bat in this article.

Here are some of the most important things to focus on when purchasing a baseball bat to be used at the high school or college level:

  1. Bat length

Even though there are no set standards when it comes to bat length there are a few general guidelines that will lead you to getting the correct length bat for you. Years of experience have taught experts some general guidelines as to what the proper bat length is based on a person’s age and weight. Here is a chart that many experts suggest you use as a guideline for selecting the proper length bat.

bat length comparison chart

Keep in mind that this chart is based on people standing in the batter’s box in a normal. As time goes on you may want to use a little longer bat because you stand as far away from the plate in the batter box as possible or you crowd the plate so you like to use a little shorter bat.

  1. Bat weight

You will hear over and over again as you progress in levels in baseball the term bat speed. This simply describes how fast you swing your bat to make contact with a baseball that is pitched to you. The faster the ball is pitched the faster the bat speed you will need to catch up to that ball and make contact. Weight is one of the biggest factors in determining how much bat speed you can generate and it makes it a very important thing to consider when selecting a baseball bat to use.

If your bat is too heavy you may not be able to swing fast enough to hit pitches that are thrown by pitchers that throw at a high velocity. If your bat is too light it may cause you to over swing. So bat weight is a definite baseball bat characteristic you must consider if you want to maintain a high level of performance when hitting.

  1. Bat material

There are several different types of material that baseball bats are made of. These consist of the following types of materials:

  • Wood
  • Metal alloys
  • Composite materials

Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to hitting a baseball. That makes bat material an important consideration when choosing any baseball bat you will purchase. This will be covered in much more detail later in this article because it is so important when making a bat selection.

  1. Bat grip

Generating bat speed is not the only thing that helps make you a better hitter. No matter how fast you swing it does not matter if you are not moving your bat to the proper place to hit the baseball. That is where bat control comes into play and a big part of that is the type of grip you have on your bat.

Bat grips can consist of anything from simple tape and specially designed padding all the way to some bats that have no type of special grip on them at all. Some people like the extra grip that special padded grips provide and others think it makes the handle too thick for them to be comfortable with. So choosing the type of grip you want with your bat has a lot to do with personal preference in most cases.

  1. Bat taper

All baseball bats are thinner towards the handle of the bat than they are at the end but that is where the similarity starts and ends between different types of bat designs. The transition of the amount of thickness from the handle of the bat to the barrel is what is known as the bat taper and it is a bat characteristic that needs to be considered before making any bat purchase.

As a general rule the quicker the bat goes into a thicker barrel the longer the sweet spot on that bat will be but this also has a tendency to add more weight to the bat which you don’t want in most cases. So it is important to find a happy medium that works you when it comes to bat taper. You want a bat that has as long of a barrel as possible without making the bat weight significantly slow your swing speed.

  1. Bat price

Many people do not realize just how expensive a baseball bat purchase can be. Manufacturers use sophisticated materials and sophisticated designs to make bats that will help improve your game statistically. Baseball bat purchases can often run into the several hundred dollars range, so the price is definitely a factor.

When purchasing a baseball bat you must first determine if it’s within your set budget range for your purchase. Then you must look at all the different enhancements each bat has that you are considering purchasing to determine if a particular bat is worth the money you spend it. Keep in mind that like as with any product, some less expensive baseball bats have as many features as those that cost significantly more than them. Shop around for the best deal.

  1. Bat warranty

We just mentioned that some baseball bats are very expensive and can be a very significant purchase. Since this is the case you want to protect your investment as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure any bat you purchase has a good warranty policy.

Make sure you check out the warranty on a bat before you purchase it. Many companies will offer one year warranties on baseball bats that will protect you against such things as manufacturer’s defects. Other companies will even do such things as give you a 30 day performance guarantee so you can return the bat if you feel it is not enhancing your performance when hitting a baseball.

  1. Personal preferences/Experience

If you are an experienced player then you may already have a good idea what works best for you in a baseball bat. You need to really put this information to good use when selecting the proper bat for you. Traditional bat selecting methods don’t always work for everyone’s playing styles. Think of the experience you have gained playing baseball as a way to fine tune your bat selection process to help take your game to even a higher level.

It is important to remember that you may have adapted your baseball batting style to suit something that is characteristic to only you. When this happens you may need to use a bat that runs contradictory to whatever any expert or bat selection chart has to say.


We briefly touched on earlier that baseball bats are made of different materials. Now it is time to expand on that a little because the material a baseball bat is made of is definitely important to any buying decision that you make regarding them. Selecting the right baseball bat material that fits your playing style and goals can make a big difference when it comes to improving your batting while playing the game.

Here are the three main materials that baseball bats are made of:

  1. Wood

The very first baseball bats that were ever made were made out of wood and they are still made of this material today. As a matter of fact, wood baseball bats are the only ones that are allowed at the professional level of baseball. That is one of the biggest advantages of using them because it will help you adapt your game to a higher level when using them if you have aspirations to play professional baseball. They are also the best type of material to use if you like to have a baseball bat that is highly customizable to your needs. The drawbacks with wooden baseball bats are they do not enhance your performance much and they tend to break easily if you mishit a pitched baseball with them.

  1. Composites

These are the newest types of materials that baseball bats are being made of. Composite bats are usually made up of some type of carbon fiber polymer. Most likely if you buy a composite bat it will have some metal it in too and that is why these are often referred to as 2-piece bats. These bats also offer performance bonuses that wooden bats will not give you and tend not to sting when you mishit the ball like true metal alloy bats do. There can be very expensive to purchase and also tend to be a one size fits all type of bat.

  1. Metal Alloys

These were the first bats to go into mass production that were not made of wood. They produce a pronounced ringing when you use them that many people refer to as a “ping”. They have been proven to hit a ball much further than wooden bats do and they also do not break as easily as them. They are made of such metals as titanium, aluminum, and graphite that also make them much lighter and easier to control when swinging. The drawbacks to using them are they are very expensive to buy and they are manufactured in more of a one size fits all way.

Make sure you review what each type of material does for a baseball bat before you go shopping for one. This will greatly increase your chances of finding a BBCOR baseball bat that will elevate your batting to a higher level. You need to give yourself the same advantages when it comes to playing the game of baseball as those you are competing against and having the right bat will go a long way towards achieving that goal.


Whether you play baseball or softball bat ratings can certainly get quite confusing at times. There are so many different types of bat rating systems that trying to figure it all out can leave you tugging on your hair at times. It is a crazy system but it is one that most baseball leagues strictly adhere too. We will try to clear up some of the confusion a little bit here.

First of all it is important to note that these regulations were not just put in place to make things confusing for you. They are all done in regards to safety when it comes to playing baseball or softball. Bat technology was getting so advanced at one point that it was making it dangerous for pitchers and other players because the ball was coming of technically superior bats at very dangerous speeds.

Here are some common baseball ratings and what they mean:


This is the main one that we are concerned with for the purposes of this article. It has to do with bats that are approved for high school and college level use. Players at this age were getting so big and strong they were hitting the ball extremely hard and some had to be done in regards to player safety. This is the most current standard that affects baseball bat rating and must be stamped on any non-wooden bat in order for it to be legally used in a game.

  • BESR

This is a standard that was put in place in 2010 after all composite bat use was banned in regards to safety. Some companies were allowed to apply for this waiver as far as bats that are approved for use in what is considered adult baseball. The initials B-E-S-R simply stand for Bat Exit Speed Ratio. A composite baseball bat could get a waiver for use if it was determined it produced an exit speed of a baseball off the bat that players were safely able to react to.


This rating basically takes the BESR rating one step further. The initials A-B-I stand for Accelerated Break In. It was determined that certain composite bats could receive a waiver to be used for play because after a certain amount of use (done at the factory) they no longer were generating dangerous ball speeds after hitting with them. All the bats with this certification are tested at the factory after they have been hit with a certain amount of times to ensure they are safe to use.

So you have to pay close attention when buying a new bat to make sure it meets all the requirements for use in your league or state. Failure to do so can result in such things as ejections or forfeits if you are caught using a non-approved bat in a game. If you have any questions about whether a bat you want to buy is legal for use in your league, then ask a coach a league official to be sure before you spend lots of money buying a bat.


The material that a baseball bat is made of usually determines if a bat will be made using all one piece technology or if it will be made up of two different types of material.

  • One piece bats

These tend to be made of all wood or all metal alloys but advances are being made in technology that very may well produce one piece all composite bats someday too. One piece bats tend to be stiffer than two piece bats are and many hitters prefer a stiffer bat. Because they are all one piece construction they are bats that hit the ball far but can really sting if you mishit a ball when batting. They also come in a large variety of price ranges.

  • Two piece bats

These are bats that are usually made using a combination of metal alloys and some type of carbon fiber polymer. This makes them some of the most expensive bats you can buy. They do last a long time and they can hit the ball far also. They do not tend to sting your hands when mishit like one piece construction bats.


We have covered a lot of characteristics about baseball bats in this article in an effort to help you make a sound purchase decision when the time comes for you to buy a new bat. Part of that has been supplying you as much information as possible about baseball bats to assist you with this decision. We have told you what to look for during the baseball bat purchasing process but now it’s time to tell you the mistakes you must avoid during that process too.

Here are the top 4 mistakes people make during a BBCOR bat purchase:

  1. Thinking spending more money always gets you a better bat

Like with any products, there are some great bats that are out there in the marketplace that are very reasonably priced. So don’t be fooled into thinking that you always have to by an expensive baseball bat. If you use the information provided here in this article then there is a good chance you can use it to find a baseball bat that will work great for you at a reasonable price.

  1. Buying too heavy a bat

When some people shop for a BBCOR baseball bat they think that the heavier the bat they buy the farther they will hit the ball. This is true but only if you can swing it fast enough to make contact with the baseball when it’s pitched. So only buy a baseball bat that has a weight that you can swing fast and use comfortably. This point cannot be emphasized strongly enough when you are deciding what BBCOR bat to purchase.

  1. Buying too long a bat

This one is along the same lines as buying a baseball bat that is too heavy for you; many people think too that buying a longer baseball bat will help improve their game. This is not always necessarily true. Sometimes a longer bat will take the naturally good swing you have and make it out of balance. This happens when your bat is so long it becomes top heavy or it adds extra weight to the bat that slows down your swing speed. Any of these can result in very poor hitting performance.

  1. Setting your bat buying budget too low

It’s true that whenever you are making a purchase to buy a product like a baseball bat you have to set a budget range for your purchase but you have to be careful here also. By setting your baseball bat buying budget to low you may limit your ability to purchase a product that will not only improve your game but may have other consequences as well. An example of this is a talented high school baseball player that is underperforming and will not get a college scholarship because they bought a bat that does nothing to enhance their hitting.

So be careful to avoid these common pitfalls that people make when purchasing a BBCOR baseball bat.


There is no doubt about it, having the right piece of equipment to play a sport can really elevate your game to another level. If you are a serious baseball player then you need to give yourself an edge and invest in a good baseball bat. We have tried to help you with that purchasing decision as much as possible in this article.

So now you know there is a lot that goes into making a baseball bat purchase if you are a high school or college level player. When making a bat purchasing decision use the baseball bat reviews we provided as a guideline of what to look for. If you do that you should have no problem finding one of the best BBCOR bats to help you play baseball at a high level when batting.